IMA Hosts 2010 Internet Marketing Awards
The IMA awards recognize businesses of all sizes that stand out using Internet Marketing. Only businesses that demonstrate superiority in developing Internet marketing strategies and campaigns will be eligible to receive an IMA award. Click Here for Award Details.
IMA Co-Hosts Education Solutions 2010
It's no secret that the nation is facing a crisis of historic proportions in its public school systems. Ongoing state budget woes are generating significant teacher layoffs, increased class sizes, limits on curriculum, not to mention extracurricular activities. The high school dropout rate is at an all-time high leading to fewer life opportunities for many young adults.
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IMA Hosts Meg Whitman and Elon Musk at Lyon Air Museum Gathering
The brand-new and very impressive Lyon Air Museum at John Wayne Airport was the venue for the most recent gathering in the IMA Congressional Event Series. Elon Musk, founder of PayPal and CEO of Tesla Motor Company was the keynote speaker.
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The State of Social Marketing Integration
There are now hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide using social networks, blogs, microblogs, online forums and video-sharing sites. And marketers have followed them there. Social media marketing has gone from experimental to must-have, and that increases the importance of adopting an integrated social media strategy.
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