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It was a great month for KCOMM, our clients and Internet marketing in general, as the growth of the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) membership clearly attests. The IMA organization keeps growing at a record pace, and just this week, we appointed James Maiocco, head of US operations for XERO to our Board of Directors and we're already laying the groundwork for IMPACT15 coming up later in the year. Those of you who were able to attend last year's event - and those attending for the first time - will likely be pleased in the way we are able to transform the event from a small networking gathering into one of the industry's premiere thought leadership conferences.

Many pieces of forward-thinking content are born from our conference, and we will do our best to recap it all for you throughout the year.

As for KCOMM itself - we're proud to announce a trio of new high-technology clients to our roster, including: Rogerson Aircraft, Tech-Life, and Arrow Electronics.

Services include logo design, website implementation, public relations, advertising, market research, social media, search engine marketing, content development, email marketing and channel marketing.

Speaking of clients, earlier this month we helped Montauk Energy, The County of Orange and the Orange County Waste & Recycling Agency put on their official groundbreaking of a new methane to electricity project just outside of Anaheim, California. The event received credible media coverage and featured over a hundred regional, state, and federal elected officials in attendance. The project itself will convert tons of methane created in the landfill into enough electricity to power nearly 20,000 homes. The $60 million project is a great economic opportunity for local agencies, with more than $30 million in royalty payments to be made over the next two decades to the County of Orange.

Finally, on a more personal note, I was honored to be featured in a recent article in Riviera OC magazine on the Chapman50 group, an organization I help found to raise awareness, funding for students and mentoring opportunities for one of our US News & World Report, rank-rising University. The group, which is only two years old, is on track to raise over half a million dollars.

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