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Welcome to our December newsletter

This has been another amazing year for KCOMM, our clients, our associates and our partners. First of all, we are continually grateful for the challenges, opportunities and relationships that come our way from our many valued clients. Obviously, without them, we would not have an exciting business to build on and be a part of.

One of the highlights of the year was participating in the IMPACT13 Conference hosted by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) in Las Vegas. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from our peers and top industry experts about the constantly evolving world of Internet marketing technologies, strategies and best practices. And it offered a wealth of information to further deepen the capabilities of the social media practice group we formed this year in response to strong demand from our clients.

We were also pleased to be involved in a special CEO Roundtable at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana. The event, co-hosted by IMA and STAjets, featured Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in a discussion of important issues with attendees representing real estate, Internet marketing, finance, government and other fields. In addition, I was honored to be selected to serve on the Chapman University Board of Governors and as chairman of the Chapman50, a new organization of alumni under the age of 50 working to create a culture of community, mentorship and support that will lead Chapman towards a future of serving and educating the next generation of students.

On a lighter note, we'd like to share with you below some fun things our associates have been up to recently.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chief Executive Officer

Happy Birthday, You're Going Skydiving

KCOMM Designer and Webmaster Lei Lani Fera and her husband, Colin, took the plunge literally. They jumped out a plane, each hitched to an instructor with a special harness and parachutes, to freefall from 6,000 feet and land safely after about 45 intense seconds in the air. The weather was near perfect for this time of year, with a clear sky and soft breeze. Colin didn't know what he was getting into until arriving at Brown Field airport south of San Diego. As his birthday gift, Lei Lani gave him this unexpected surprise to kick skydiving off his bucket list.

"The anticipation was a lot scarier than the actual jump. It was exciting and the view was amazing. We could see the whole city," said Lei Lani. What's next on the bucket list? A hot air balloon ride perhaps?

Watch the jump from start to finish

Freefalling from a Mile Up in Thailand

Dhruv Majumdar, President of KCOMM India, also took a leap of faith in celebration of his birthday and in an exotic location, to boot. If you're looking for an activity with thrills and chills, Dhruv says skydiving is what you should try. On a recent trip to Thailand, he had the opportunity to jump from a plane and wasn't going to miss it. As they ascended, he watched the world get smaller and smaller from the full-glass sides of the aircraft. Then, at 13,000 feet the plane straightened up and they were ready to jump.

"For a split second there, you certainly feel a sense of giddiness and a knot in your stomach. But before you know it, you've jumped from the plane and are freefalling through the air at 200 kmph," Dhruv said. "There's just no way to describe the exhilaration of the experience. If you have even the slightest interest, I thoroughly recommend you try it out!"

Young Singers Join the Big Leagues

In a more down-to-earth environment, KCOMM PR Executive Heather Reeves' son, Brendan, was recently part of a special group of boys selected from The All-American Boys Chorus to participate in a performance at the Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa. The young singers were featured in a performance of Handel's Judas Maccabeus alongside the Pacific Symphony Orchestra and the Pacific Chorale, led by Dr. John Alexander.

"It was an incredible opportunity for the boys to perform in a stunning, world-class venue with some of Southern California's leading musicians," Heather noted.
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