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Who: You!
What: IMPACT18
When: September 19-21, 2018
Where: Aria Las Vegas
Why: Read On...

Digital Marketing Recoded: The World's Leading Internet Marketing Event

If you haven't already registered, we hope you won't miss the annual IMA IMPACT conference. Every year has set a new benchmark in value with an impressive roster of experts sharing their insights, a host of networking opportunities and some great entertainment. Plus, the annual Startup Pitch Battlefield and IMPACT Awards.

Here are 10 reasons to attend.
  1. Welcome Bash. Arrive in style and mingle with presenters and other attendees.
  2. Exhibits. See the latest in technologies and solutions.
  3. Networking. Talk, connect, share your thoughts, build relationships.
  4. Shows. In the entertainment capital of the world, you can't miss.
  5. Vegas. It never stops, from the pool and spa to the Strip and all it offers.
  6. Aria Resort. Incredible 5-star entertainment and ambience.
  7. Night Life. An epic, late-night social event at the hotel's top club.
  8. Thought Leadership. Deep dives and updates on top trends and best practices.
  9. Life Is Beautiful. Music festival starting right after the conference.
Also, check out our partial list of speakers below:

Victor Cho, CEO, Evite
Peter Lopez, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Jeff Preston, Senior Manager, SEO, Disney, Search Engine Optimization
Jay Symonds, Senior Manager, Amazon
Roland Hess, Technical PgM, Google
Susan Akbarpour, Founder & CEO, Mavatar
Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision
Adam Hua, Vice President, Business Development, CitizenNet, Success with Branded Content on Facebook
Guy Yalif, Co-Founder & CEO, Intellimize, Demystifying AI for Marketers
Vanessa Jenkins, President & Principal, Baker Street Labs
Steve Schulze, President & CEO, Nekter Juice Bar
Warren Kay, Chief Revenue Officer & Director, SOCi
Andrea Ward, Vice President, Magento Commerce Marketing, Adobe
Nanxi Lui, CEO, Enplug
Perry Viscounty, Litigation & Trial Partner, Latham & Watkins
Devon Williams, Regional Director, Business Development, Transperfect
Bree Jacoby, Founder, BREE JACOBY Inc.
Kerry Barden, Founder, BardenSchnee Casting
Brandon Goethals, Principal & VP of Business Development, The File Group
Neel Grover, CEO, Indi
Kamin Samuel, Business Growth Advisor, Kamin Samuel Consulting
Chase Rief, CMO, Early Warning Labs, How earthquake early warning works and can save lives
Jason McDowall, CEO,
Jeremy Slate, CEO, Command Your Brand, How to Create a Celebrity Personal Brand, without Breaking the Bank or Hiring a PR Firm
Tony Chopp, Founder, Claim Your Space, 5 Steps for Effective Google Ads Management for Small / Midsize Businesses
Karina Singer, Director, On The Maps, Evolving Channels, Influencers & Brands, Social Media, Media Landscape
Ray Doustdar, CEO & Founder, Buiced, EVOLVING BUSINESS MODELS - From ZERO to WALMART... by way of Amazon and
Lori Schwartz, Principal, Story Tech / The Tech Cat Show, How Tech Is Impacting Storytelling or The Reality of 'StoryTeching'
Adam Coughran, President, Safe Kids Inc., Using Broadcast Media in YOUR Favor
Michael Williams, President, NFL Experience
Ryan Foland, Managing Partner, Influence Tree, Your Digital Marketing Means Nothing, If No One Knows Who You Are
Jen Kerns, CEO,, Fake News vs. Real News: The Future of the American Political Information War OR: Women in Leadership: A front-row seat to the #MeToo movement
Mike Matuz, CEO, Matuz Ventures, Scale Up your Health & Business with a Real World MBA
Bob Sambouni, CMO, POW!, Great Marketing is essentially Great Story Telling!
Nic Abraham, Executive Account Manager, ARL Marketing
Jay Calvert, President & Owner, Jay Calvert, MD Professional Corporation, Building a Digital Brand
Justin McCully, Owner, Warp It LLC
Alan Ochoa, Senior Global Web Officer, Alcon

Hope to see you there!


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