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Our spring showcase event of the year is set for April 26-28 at the Kimpton Seafire Resort on Grand Cayman. The theme is "Leadership in a Lightspeed Industry." We're partnering with Cayman Enterprise City for a world-class opportunity to gain vital knowledge and best practices from an extraordinary roster of thought leaders. Among those involved are senior executives from the Cayman Islands,, Big Nerd Ranch, Ernst & Young, Evite, VDS Los Angeles, mxHero, Ketel One and EcomConvert.

And it's all happening in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, with a late afternoon catamaran sail and evening buffet on the beach. Please join us. For full details as well as information on registration and event partnerships, follow the link below.

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CEOs Require Marketing Prove ROI

We talk to CMOs from all sorts of companies: large enterprises to pre-revenue startups, consumer products and B2B services. Across all of these diverse business models, one thing remains constant. The CEO wants, actually the CEO needs, to know that the company is getting a firm return on investment (ROI) from their marketing spend.

The advent of permission marketing, social media and "PCP" programs gave the CMO a whole range of new ways to determine which marketing spend brought in which prospect and what that costs. This new level of precision in the science of marketing was a paradigm shift for the level of visibility the marketing team has into the path each prospect took through your marketing funnel.

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Email Marketing Still Rules

Despite all the talk about the latest social platforms and website enhancements, email is still the key tool for engaging and nurturing prospects. Last year, Endurance paid $1.1 billion for Constant Contact, an online marketing company known for their email tools.

The Radicati Group's oft-quoted Email Statistics Report estimates that we'll send out about 225 billion emails per day in 2017. That's an average of 124 emails per account per day. Every day. When you boil everything down, internet marketing today is still all about the email.

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