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It's pretty easy to get wrapped up in the challenges and accomplishments of our daily business lives. But it's important not to forget that family is perhaps the most priceless aspect of who we are. June is the month when we honor the fathers who have guided us, as well as celebrate that role for those of us with kids. On a personal note, we welcomed our second child (a boy) to our family earlier in the month. Life is full of surprises and new horizons. I encourage you to make the most of every one.

The Internet Marketing Association's flagship event, IMPACT15, is coming up fast Sept. 23-25 at City Center in Las Vegas. Under the theme of "Accelerating Innovation," attendees can choose from an impressive array of presentations by leading industry experts, in-depth breakout sessions, solutions provider exhibits, entertainment and the annual IMPACT Awards celebration. You'll learn best practices and techniques for building market share and business growth, explore the latest tools and trends, and network with local and global professionals. For details and registration, visit

We're excited to welcome three innovative new clients to the KCOMM roster this month:

pHin uses the power of app technology to send alerts when your pool or hot tub needs more chemicals, along with monthly delivery of chemicals in water-soluble packets ready to drop in. The app also enables quick access to service providers like local pool cleaners.

Rolltech (TBA) brings a new dimension to the sport of bowling with an app that features auto-scored games, location tracking and sharing, real-time views of other bowlers' activity, real-time stats, customized info on how to improve your game, and exclusive offers and rewards.

Cayman Enterprise City is a Special Economic Zone created for knowledge-based industries as an innovative, entrepreneurial technology hub benefiting from a tax-exempt environment to help international companies set up offices in the Cayman Islands.

KCOMM is always on the lookout for high-impact technologies that will enhance the performance and tracking of our clients' communications programs. The latest, focused on public relations, is a partnership with TrendKite. Based on the goal of helping to quantify PR impact, TrendKite provides advanced analytics, reporting and share-of-voice analysis for insights into campaign effectiveness, industry trends, press activity and market opportunities.


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