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Welcome to our November newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

The KCOMM team has identified and contributed toward some important relief efforts for disaster victims in the Philippines. Two of them include:

American Red Cross - Click here to donate.

Feed the Need - Click here to donate.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration and support at any level for this tragic situation. As we all gather for a warm Thanksgiving holiday, thousands in the Philippines are left without a roof over their head, food or basic resources to survive.

Closer to home, today we attended the annual Economic Forecast Conference hosted by the A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research at Chapman University. This nationally recognized conference utilizes the Chapman Econometric Model to analyze the California economy and greater global economic trends to provide national and local businesses and organizations with the information they need to make more effective planning and investment decisions.

Today's economic forecast by Dr. James L. Doti, president of Chapman University paints a pretty picture of the economy growing on a national average by 2.2%.

The Federal Government will continue to see cut backs resulting in higher interest rates, especially on long-term bond markets. Housing shows 1.1 million additional units into 2014 and businesses will add 108 billion in revenue throughout the country. Consumer spending is also seeing a 2.1% growth due to debts lowering and house values increasing.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chief Executive Officer

KCOMM Addresses Online
Marketing and Brand Engagement

We recently had an opportunity to speak at the 2013 Eloqua Experience event held in San Francisco. Under the theme of "How Modern Marketing Works," attendees learned about how leading brands are using marketing automation expertise and technology to power revenue performance.

Eloqua Experience is a leading industry gathering where top marketing professionals meet to share ideas, network and gain actionable new insights into the journey to "Modern Marketing."

KCOMM CEO Sinan Kanatsiz shared an in-depth presentation on "Using Online Marketing to Generate Brand Engagement." The presentation encompassed a definition of engagement, the importance of storytelling, creating and tracking engagement, buying behavior and building trust, and a range of current trends in Internet marketing.

Clients Leverage Power of Internet Marketing

Virtually all of KCOMM's clients utilize the powerful capabilities of Internet marketing. Here are two exemplary success stories.

NuVision Federal Credit Union has achieved business goals this year through social media, surpassing 3,600 Likes on Facebook and over 4,800 Followers on Twitter. They also recently announced the launch of an Instagram account, @nuvisionfcu. NuVision's growing social community features photos from events, special announcements, and information on new products and services.

Sundried Tomato Café employs a very active Internet marketing effort to send birthday promotions based on customer profiles, holiday-based promotions, catering offers and other very timely communications. For example, a recent email message featuring promotions for a free app/dessert and a holiday catering discount achieved a 53.5% open rate (industry average is 16.8%), a 4.8% click-through rate (industry average is 2.2%), and numerous online reservations.

Mark Your Calendar: IMA 2014 Special Events

Singapore: June

Washington, DC: April 22-24

IMPACT14: September, 24-26

Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, click here to visit the brand new IMA website.
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