By now we hope you have read and heard about all the positive developments with our 2012 Internet Marketing Association Conference taking shape in September at CityCenter in Las Vegas!

As Internet marketers, we all strive to enhance our collective value to our organizations and community. Through the generosity of sponsors and supporters like Adobe, Google, Ernst & Young and PR Newswire, to name a few, we invite you to come and witness the latest breakthroughs in mobile, search, social, content and more. Brands like Cirque du Soleil and Tilly's will be on hand this year with cutting edge case studies and Internet marketing best practices.

Together we have built something amazing, and I wanted to personally offer a heartfelt thanks and congratulations for taking IMA to the next level.

We're taking every measure possible - from first-class content and speakers to food, beverage and venue selection - to ensure that IMA 2012 will be one of the most effective and enjoyable conferences in our industry.

Here's a rundown of the already impressive roster of speakers and presenters we've lined up, with more being added every day:
  • Ann Lewnes, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Adobe
  • Matthew Langie, Director of Product Marketing, Adobe
  • Michael Fern, CEO & Co-founder, Intigi
  • Frederick Vallaeys, Founder & CEO, Top Tier / Top Tier Tools
  • Justin Choi, Founder & President, Cie Studios
  • Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media, PR Newswire
  • Brett Keirstead, Vice President of Sales, Knowledge Marketing
  • Ray Grainger, CEO & Founder, Mavenlink
  • Jordan Fiksenbaum, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, North American Resident Shows Division, Cirque du Soleil
We also look forward to celebrating your work via our 2012 Impact Awards and introducing you to the next generation of our multi-billion-dollar industry.

Below are a few resources that will help you navigate the 2012 IMA Conference: We are here to assist you with your RSVP and any questions you may have, so please don't hesitate to call or email our team!


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