The last few weeks have encompassed some fantastic events that continue to broaden KCOMM's involvement, expertise and industry presence.

First, in late September, was our participation in helping to present the 2011 Internet Marketing Association Awards in Las Vegas. This milestone event for the Internet marketing industry showcased an incredible line-up of ndustry leading speakers, recognition of the world's top work in the field, and special honors for high corporate and personal achievement.

On the heels of the IMA event, I had the privilege of making a journey to China. The experience was breathtaking in terms of observing their deep history and heritage, along with their innovations in the modern economy.

Both of these activities serve to enhance KCOMM's perspective and resources for the benefit of all our clients.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman / CEO

IMA Wraps 2011 Awards in Las Vegas
Speakers Offer Update on Latest Trends

The Internet Marketing Association (IMA) held its 2011 IMA Awards event on the evening of Sept. 22 at the Mandarin Oriental at CityCenter in Las Vegas. The landmark event included an exhibitor showcase, an unprecedented roster of industry expert speakers, awards and special honors, and a smashing after-party overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

"The Internet Marketing Association had its humble beginnings in 1999. Our goal was to create a unique venue for top Internet marketing professionals to share best practices, develop new mediums and generate business opportunities," said IMA Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz. "Today, IMA has grown to over 413,000 members representing every business sector and SIC code. In addition, our fastest growing segment is members from outside the United States, making IMA a truly international organization. IMA embodies the vital characteristics that we believe reflect the dynamic nature of the industry it serves."

Due to a generous group of sponsors, IMA was able to host the groundbreaking event on a very affordable basis to make it available to as many attendees as possible. Sponsors of the 2011 IMA Awards included Adobe, Boys Town, CityCenter, Coldwell Banker, Cox Castle Nicholson, Irvine Technology Corp., JetSuite, Knowledge Marketing, Las Vegas Review-Journal, MGM Resorts International, PostRelease, PR Newswire, Repalo, Sales & Service Inc., SocialShield, Skylight Global Investments, Stearns, UBM Studios, University of California Irvine and Webtrends.

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Trip to China Builds Asia Expertise
Innovation and Opportunities Abound

I recently completed a two-week trip to China. The purpose of the trip was to better understand the culture and meet with a Chinese delegation as well as our strategic business partner, ARC China, headed by CEO Adam Roseman. During my visit, I traveled through Shanghai, Hungsho, Hong Kong, Macau, Xi'an and Beijing. It was an incredible life experience and one I would recommend to anyone who has never been there.

There were so many things that made me stop and assess the way we live in America and how innovations taking place in China could work back home. Some of the most memorable sights we saw included high-speed rail, architecture, terracotta warriors, Macau and the Great Wall.

China has fast become the signature spot for PAC Asia business. Over one-third of the world's population is within a four-hour flight to Shanghai. China is actively capitalizing on this fact and working diligently to become the financial and economic hub of the world. KCOMM's business partner, ARC China, is one of the fastest growing private equity firms in the region.

KCOMM is expanding its knowledge base, cultural prowess and capabilities throughout Asia, thanks in part to its relationship with ARC.

Tablets Drive Deeper News Consumption
Variety and Volume Both Increase

Tablet owners tend to consume a greater variety and volume of news on their devices, and tablets' visual, interactive features encourage in-depth exploration, according to a joint study from Starcom MediaVest and the online division of the BBC.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents said that they read more news stories and follow a greater variety of news topics. More than three-fourths said that tablets make the overall news experience more enjoyable, and more than a third said they spend more hours per day with media because of their tablets.

The findings were derived from six informal, in-depth interviews and a 1,100-person survey of people in the U.S. ages 15 to 54, 88% of whom were already in possession of a tablet. All identified themselves as consumers of news content.

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The study also found that two in three tablet owners frequently use their devices while doing other things, such as watching TV or spending time with friends, a habit that was even more frequent among those who had owned a tablet for seven months or longer. (Said behavior has already fueled the development of a variety of tablet apps designed to be used while consuming content on a second device, namely television sets.)

Additionally, respondents tended to gravitate more toward established news brands on their devices over "news aggregators" - a statistic the BBC will no doubt enjoy touting to advertisers. Significant numbers of respondents also said, amusingly enough, that they would sooner give up sports (47%), coffee (44%) or Facebook (44%) before giving up their tablet news apps.

Source: Mashable
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