This month, we're very pleased to welcome three new KCOMM clients. All three are leading health and wellness providers. Also in March, education was in focus as the Orange County Department of Education, held its county-level National History Day competition that drew nearly 500 students, along with parents and friends.

Internet innovation continues to increasingly impact the way we do business and live our lives every day. A convergence of mobile, search and social media is creating powerfully integrated tools. Please see two reports below on these trends.

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Sinan Kanatsiz
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Tyler Holliday
Social Media and SEO

Hesam Rasoulzedeh
Internet Marketing

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Public Affairs

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National History Day - California

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OC Students Tackle Hot-Button History Topics
500 Students Convene on Department of Education Campus

On Saturday, March 19, KCOMM joined the Orange County Department of Education for Orange County's 2011 celebration of National History Day. The event featured a competition for students from 4th through 12th grades and boasted some 500 participants.

Based on challenging historical issues, the students made presentations to the assembled judges, parents and others in the form of websites, documentary films, reports, performances and visual displays. Under this year's theme of "Debate and Diplomacy," the presentations covered topics from "Post-World War II Treaties: The Success of Temporary Peace and the Failure of Diplomacy" to "The India-Pakistan 1971 War" and "Fast Food: Friend or Foe."

In keeping with the 2011 theme of debate, students were encouraged to research and present both sides of their topics and to use what they learned to form their own conclusions. The National History Day competition was valuable not only for the students who participated, but also for the parents who learned from the presentations. The winners of this county-level competition will progress to the state National History Day competition in San Jose next month.
KCOMM Adds Health and Wellness Industry Clients
Category Leaders Offer Innovative Products and Services

Based in Temecula, CA, LoBue Laser & Eye Medical Centers focuses on vision care to fit many lifestyles. LoBue encompasses an array of procedures including lens implants, cataract surgery and all-custom LASIK. Other options for optical enhancement include contact lenses, visual examinations and treatment of ocular conditions.

RoxSpa Aesthetics offers non-surgical procedures at Beverly Hills and Newport Beach locations. Services include pain-free laser hair removal, Pixel laser resurfacing, vein treatments, photofacials, skin tightening, cellulite treatments, chemical peels, Botox®, dermal fillers and facials. Plastic surgery trained PA and RN practitioners utilize advanced Alma's Harmony and Soprano lasers, which are PDA approved and extremely safe and effective.

AmeriSciences, headquartered in Houston, offers the OS2 Ocular Support Solution and Oral Wellness Rx System products. OS2 is an advanced dietary supplement that provides vitamins for individuals concerned with age-related visual decline, dry eyes, diabetes-related ocular nutrition and overall vision health. The Oral Wellness system is designed to promote healthy biofilm development and limit the growth of decay-causing bacteria in addition to providing an antioxidant-rich formulation for healthy gum function.
Mobile, Search, Social Combine for Powerful Tools
Integration Continues to Create New Solutions

Mobile is a rapidly developing sector. According to some projections, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop usage before 2015. In preparation, companies are developing new mobile commerce platforms, strategies and marketing efforts. Microsoft Tag recently attempted to sum up this constantly changing space with a single infographic. Here's the summary: The mobile market is large; local searches, games, and YouTube are all doing well on mobile; and socializing is the most prominent use of the mobile Internet. Click here to see the full infographic. (Source: Mashable)

Purchasing funnel. Buying cycle. Path to purchase. Over the years, the desire for marketers to label and map the exact nature of the online buying process has uncovered the complexities of the journey and the growing number of resources buyers rely on as they move to make informed purchasing decisions. Research from GroupM Search and comScore highlights the increased use of yet another resource consumers are turning to in combination with their tried-and-true search engine usage: social media. (Source: eMarketer)
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