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Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
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July 16: Boustead's Dan McClory leads The Deal webcast, "PIPEs Gain Popularity Amid Pandemic"

On Thursday, July 16th, Boustead Securities' Head of China and Head of Equity Capital Markets, Dan McClory, joined The Deal as a featured speaker for the webcast "PIPEs Gain Popularity Amid Pandemic."

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Our Leadership Role in Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

By Mark Samuel

As the intensity of energy and protests following the unjust murder of George Floyd settles down, it's important for business leaders to keep working toward diversity, inclusion, and equity within their organizations.

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Survey Says: Majority of Americans Motivated to Save Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has left people reeling world-wide. Many have lost jobs; others are furloughed indefinitely and still others are working from home while homeschooling children and/or caring for sick relatives.

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It's Not Too Late to Plan for the Next Crisis

An employee is impacted by COVID-19, an executive is embroiled in a controversy that becomes public, or a product is deemed dangerous. While the list of potential crises organizations face is far too long to list, the need for crisis planning can be summed up in one word: urgent.

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Using the Mindsets of Relationship Design to Show Up and Make a Difference in Times of Crisis

Design offers us tools we can use to prioritize, and strengthen, our relationships. If we look beyond each individual interaction, we can use design to support the connections between people, products, and brands.

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Summer Styling Made Easy: Wear What You Already Own

By Bree Jacoby

Bet you never thought you'd hear us say this, but... stop shopping! We're all about reworking, restyling, and reimagining wardrobe pieces and love finding new and exciting ways to switch up our favorite looks. Keep reading for some of our tips on wearing one thing, two ways.

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Tompkins International Launches New Mobile App to Help Businesses Ensure Facility Safety & Compliance During COVID-19

COVID-19 has sent distribution and fulfillment operations into overdrive, as businesses strive to deliver on customer needs during the pandemic. With warehouses operating around the clock to meet growing demands, businesses need validation that all processes and procedures are being followed to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers.

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AVATAR Partners Debuts Avatar CONNECT AR Solution for Advanced, Easy-to-Use, Real-Time Virtual Workforce Collaboration

AVATAR Partners has introduced its new Avatar CONNECT solution. Avatar CONNECT is designed to deliver a highly user-friendly, robust and low-cost way to connect remote team members via real-time collaboration anywhere in the world and on any AR-enabled device.

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Dylan Blyleven - Class 2022, Switch Hitting Catcher, Reedy HS, Uncommitted

Todd Blyleven put this video together for his son, Dylan Blyleven, class 2022, switch hitting catcher that has been working hard on his game and having a great summer so far. Recorded a 1.91 today throwing out two runners.

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Quarterly Market Update - July 2020

By Spinnaker Investment Group

We want to give a huge thank you to the 100+ participants who tuned in for our market climate discussion and forecast! In our quarterly market update we focused on economic trends, bonds, domestic and international equities, and so much more.

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Now Hiring: Seattle Tech Companies Growing Their Teams

Software engineer Vik Pattabi talked to Built In Seattle about working at Anduril and what he likes about the company. "At Anduril, I'm proud of the pace at which we move, which I think highlights how driven our team is to help our customers," Pattabi said. "We respond quickly to the needs of our customers by moving ideas or prototypes into impactful products deployed in the field."

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Future Proofing a Design: How to Recycle a Parking Garage

By Christopher Polaski, Project Designer, Ware Malcomb

In a new #WMCanvas blog post, Ware Malcomb Project Designer, Chris Polaski, shares his thoughts on how architecture can future-proof certain spaces to support new societal needs and accommodate a myriad of uses.

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