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Members of the IMA, globally, flooded the internet with positive news and content about things they saw or contributed to helping others in need. Over the past 60 days, members uploaded a photo or short video of their positive experiences. Some of our members donated masks, paper goods, provided creative uses of technology to help their workforce be safe and productive, and also shared philanthropic ways of feeding local communities in need. Thank you to the IMA and our communities for working together during these challenging times.

We have seen an influx of new members join our IMA advisory board this month. Help us welcome the new board members listed below. You can also find a full list of our board on our website.

Gary Williams
Area Franchise Developer, The UPS Store

Andy Fathollahi
Founder, Incipio Group

Don Donovan
Founder & CEO, Baker Street Solutions

David Read
Principal & Co-Founder, CPR Interactive

Rob Hutter
Founder & Managing Partner, Learn Capital

Please take a moment to view our partner articles below and check out our impactSHOW YouTube series.

Please take a moment to view our partner articles, below.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
Watch Now: Episode 8

impactSHOW EP 8 - Rob Hutter
Education: The Engine That Drives Civilization Forward

Watch Now: Episode 9

impactSHOW EP 9 - Channel Bakers
Prime the Pump

Watch Now: Episode 10

impactSHOW EP 10 - Palmer Luckey
Innovation, Defense Tech and OC Entrepreneurship
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How Salesforce design has kept their onboarding experience human (even in the midst of a pandemic)

Onboarding new employees is a crucial, yet delicate process. The checklist of hiring managers is long, from the administrative to the intangible but, when that process is designed well, it can lead to big payoffs like higher performance and talent retention.

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A Roadmap for Re-Entry

By Mark Samuel

As the spread of coronavirus slows and re-entry begins, one of the questions most organizations are asking is: Do we go back to normal as quickly as possible, do we make minor changes to adapt to the new environment, or do we use this as an opportunity to transform and update our organization to better match our values and ideals?

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Film As A Life-Saving Tool During A Pandemic

What do you do when the world shuts down and your entire film program format is based on the big screen, in school auditoriums, corporate screening rooms, community centers and private theatres?

In theory, you have choices. You can go into pre-production mode for your next film. You can overhaul your entire successful format and adapt to an online-community screening format. Or you can hang up the "Gone Fishin'" sign and take a much needed break.

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Innovation, Defense Tech and OC Entrepreneurship - impactSHOW EP 10 - Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey, founder of Anduril Industries and co-founder of Oculus VR, joins Sinan Kanatsiz at Channel Bakers Breakthrough Summit to discuss his work towards the defense sector, entrepreneurship, and innovative industries in Orange County.

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Help Leah Ersoylu win a seat on the Newport-Mesa School District Board!

Turkish Americans in Southern California can help elect Leah Ersoylu, spouse of Sarp Ersoylu, to the nonpartisan position of trustee of the Newport Mesa United School District, Area 1 in Orange County, California. The election is November 3.

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A DailyPay Benefit Can Reduce Employee Stress Over Paying Monthly Medical Bills, Says New Survey

A new co-branded survey from the Mercator Advisory Group and DailyPay, of salaried workers earning less than $75,000 per year, reveals that by introducing an on-demand pay benefit, employers can help their workers reduce the stress associated with paying monthly bills.

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NewRain Makes Donation of Personal Protective Equipment To Los Angeles Unified School District

NewRain International, a provider of non-medical personal protective equipment, has made a donation of 750 daily-wear masks to the Los Angeles Unified School District. The high-quality masks will help the district enhance the safety of staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Supporting Reunified Families

After tons of hard work and advocacy, we are finally able to serve so many new families that have suffered extreme hardships. Starting from Ken and trickling down the whole agency, we have worked very hard to make sure that this vulnerable population is not forgotten or left without support.

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Exciting things happening here at INK Games!

We're building the most innovative gaming platform in the world by paying our players for their following and influence. And the lockdown hasn't slowed us down a bit. In fact, during the quarantine we've hit some major milestones.

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Angels in the Community

Delivering Food to Anaheim
Angels Baseball Foundation and Council Member, Steve Faessel, supported Anaheim residents by partnering with the Anaheim Family YMCA to distribute meals to families in the area. A portion of this meal program was made possible by the Home Plate Project grant funded in April.

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Tactical Applications on Returning to the Office After the Covid-19 Crisis

Insight from Applied Psychology and the pulse of Employees

By Cynthia Milota, Director of Workplace Strategy, Ware Malcomb; and Dr. Sally Augustin, Principal, Design With Science

As unprecedented disruption and change ripple across the business landscape due to the global Covid- 19 pandemic, what are the impacts on the future state of workplace? Corporate America sending their workforces home during the shelter in place orders has tested the limits of technology and social networks.

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Psychedelic Pioneer Rick Doblin On FDA Trials Of MDMA: Most Important Reality Check Of MAPS' 34-Year History

It was over three decades ago that Rick Doblin, PhD., first began openly advocating for psychedelics as a potential treatment for emotional trauma. At the time, it was a bit of a hard sell to an American public caught in the throes of the War on Drugs, heavily hyped since the early 1970s. It was also a great challenge to demonstrate to government officials the positive effects that a drug like MDMA (known largely as the club drug ecstasy) was having on people suffering from emotional illnesses, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Why You Can't Win Arguments About COVID-19 And Why It's Better to Argue With Yourself...

By Justin Choi

A deadly illness makes the zoonotic leap from a bat to a human. It shuts down schools, then entire cities, and eventually the entire world. Society sets up makeshift hospitals. We dig mass graves. Infection spreads, prompting mass social distancing initiatives and the need for martial law, which remains in effect for 18 months until a vaccine is finally produced.

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Want To Upgrade Your Tech Skills? Focus On These 16 Areas

By Forbes Technology Council Expert Panel

Successful CIOs, CTOs & executives from Forbes Technology Council offer firsthand insights on tech & business.

With near-constant and rapid advances in technology, the tech industry moves at lightning speed. Keeping up with changes and learning new skills is key to your professional development and, for tech entrepreneurs, the viability of your company-the hard part is determining which avenues are the most valuable to explore.

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Sean Smith, CEO of Keenan Insurance Named in LA500 2020

The Business Journal's fifth annual LA500 list honors the most influential leaders and executives in Los Angeles. This year's collection of the leading figures from the city's business community highlights the work that took place and the progress that was made in the months before Covid-19, but it also serves as a reminder that L.A. is peopled by some of the smartest, most innovative and staunchly resilient business talent anywhere in the world. In that context, this year's LA500 shines a light on many of the figures who not only can help us navigate the crisis today but stand to help us find our way through to the other side of this situation.

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Adam Miller, Board Secretary, Uncork for Hope

Thankful. Humbled. Proud. Three words that sum up my current being.

We just closed the Uncork for Hope Online Auction and were able to raise over $66,000 to support at risk youth! This means that we will be able to keep our commitment to give grants to other charities, even though we weren't able to hold our annual event.

Thankful to all the wineries and individuals who donated to make sure we could put this auction on. Thankful for all those who came out to support us and ensure that we can take care of those in need.

Humbled to have witnessed how a community can come together and make a difference. Humbled because none of this would have been possible without all of you.

Proud of our team and my fellow board members for the tireless work they put in to making this event happen. Proud of what we have accomplished together, and what I know we will continue to do into the future.
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