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Video: Watch the second episode of impactSHOW with Sinan Kanatsiz and Sean MacNeill, Reviver
Snowflakes Happy Holidays from the IMA Team


We wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your support in helping the IMA grow as an internationally recognized brand.

We plan to continue the momentum in 2020.
Stay tuned to see what's to come.

Warm Wishes,

Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
Take Five: Meet Joe Stapleton, judging chair, NB Christmas Boat Parade

By Amy Senk

The floats really float, and the lights seem like they would be bright enough to see from space. It's the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, celebrating its 111th year, and it's opening December 18 for a five-night run, beginning each evening about 6:30 p.m. and winding around Newport Harbor on a route that begins and ends at the tip of Lido Isle.
Cision Impact Now Allows Marketers to Retarget Earned Media Audiences

We are so excited to announce significant new updates to the next generation Cision Communications Cloud® - the company's communications platform that delivers best-in-class earned media monitoring and analytics, media and social influencer campaign management, multi-channel press release distribution, and earned media retargeting.
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Salesforce Input on Design-Led Culture

By Justin Maguire, Executive Vice President, Product UX, Salesforce

When I first came to Salesforce four years ago, I wanted to answer this question: How do you inspire a design-led culture? Here are some observations.

1. In an increasingly digital world, people matter more. Digital transformation has changed the way the world operates, sometimes sacrificing personal connection for automation and efficiency.
ViewSonic Americas President Jeff Volpe Highlights Collaboration, Technology, Inspiration and Leadership as Essential Best Practices for a Competitive Edge in New Seven-Part Video Series

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of display solutions, has launched a series of succinct thought leadership video messages presented by Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas, as interviewed by Sean Conrad, CEO of the Internet Marketing Association. The series offers insights into key aspects of collaboration, technology, inspiration and leadership.
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Former Homeless Woman in Orange County Gets New Home

A 57-year-old woman said United Way in Orange County assisted her in getting off the streets and into her own home, a one bedroom apartment. United Way is said to have paid the deposit and a total of one months rent. All in part of their challenge of housing 30 homeless people in 30 days.
Helpful Tips from Slidetown for Presentations in the Virtual World

When you're in front of an audience in person, there are several tricks you can use to keep them engaged. You might pace around the room, use gestures, note who looks bored and ask them a question. Any number of things can bring attendees' attention back to you in a live setting. But virtual events - like webinars, video interfaces or online conferences - leave you flying blind. Here are three tried-and-true ways to make your virtual presentation a success.
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Neel Grover Featured on Carey Ransom's Accelerate OC Podcast

Innovator, entrepreneur and business executive, Neel Grover, joined Carey Ransom on Accelerate OC this morning to discuss his new venture Indi, how individual commerce is where online commerce is headed, his experiences building companies here in #OC, ideas for unfairly advantaging startups here, and a number of other things. Super fun chat! And a lot of wisdom from someone who's been in the tech community here for awhile.
Kanvas Co. Attends MJBCon

Kanvas Co. was proudly on display at MJBCon, the largest gathering of cannabis business professionals in the world. With 35,000 attendees and programming to benefit every sector, there is no place like it to equip your business for growth. The event took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, December 11-13, 2019, and put together by the editors of MJBizDaily. It was a packed day full of attendees who are serious about the marijuana industry and networking.
Happy Holidays from Ware Malcomb! Dan McClory discusses Alibaba's second listing in Hong Kong

Dan McClory, Managing Director and Head of China & Equity Capital Markets at Boustead Securities, spoke with CGTN's Nathan King about Alibaba's second listing in Hong Kong.
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