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IMPACT19 Seattle Welcome,

Two weeks ago, the IMA brought together leaders from around the world, including the International Executive Council (IEC) and the Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC), to tour Amazon's headquarters (HQ1) in Seattle and gain insider knowledge about upcoming technology and enhancements that will be introduced to change the way people work, operate, and live their lives.

Following a tour of the Amazon Spheres were a series of consecutive presentations by Amazon executives and a special guest appearance by NFL great, Jed Collins, on "How to consistently stay ahead and maintain a Day 1 philosophy," Amazon Alexa - "How voice AI is changing the world," Amazon is so much more than retail "Studios, Music, Planes," It's all in the cloud "How AWS is the true backbone of the web," "How consumers think and act in 2019 - Leveraging consumer Search trends to understand what consumers are really think."

We wrapped up our experience with a live music performance by local artist, Nick Mardon, and completed a 3 day IMPACT event that will leave us all thinking BIGGER! Thank you to the CMOs and leaders from Under Armor, William Lyon Homes, Amazon, the NFL, and University of Washington's Bothell School of Business for collaborating at IMPACT19 Seattle.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
15 Ways To Keep Up With Your Business' Competition, Even On A Budget

Maintaining positive cash flow is crucial for a company to survive. Shortages in cash flow can have dire consequences, from the inability to pay employees to outright failure of the business. However, it's difficult to stay on top of a tight budget when you're fighting for your place among the competition - especially in the early startup stages.
6 Important Steps To Protect Your Personal And Business Assets

You've likely already given some thought to what will happen to your life savings and hard-earned profits after you're gone, especially if you have children. You may have an estate plan, trust or will in place, and are feeling comfortable that everything will be taken care of as you desire. But the fact is, there are still many things that could go wrong.
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Fuerza Bruta at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino

International sensation Fuerza Bruta is a dynamic and immersive theatrical production performed in a state-of-the-art tent. Fuerza Bruta delights the senses through music, emotion and kinetic aerial imagery.
Business Rockstars:

BUSINESS ROCKSTARS is an Entrepreneurial Business Show that brings together some of the world's biggest and most accomplished CEO's as well as successful small business owners and Entrepreneurs.
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Profile: PYCO, Inc.

At the intersection of marketing and science lies a powerful, insightful, and cutting-edge solution. The data scientists at PYCO, Inc. and sister company pLookup, have created a proprietary intelligence algorithm capable of tailoring all client and prospect communications to suit the personality type of each individual resulting in observed incremental lift in response and engagement of up to 10x.
FBI San Diego Presents 2018 FBI Director's Community Leadership Award to Sandy Moul

FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) John Brown is pleased to announce Sandy Moul as the 2018 recipient of the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award (DCLA). SAC Brown presented the award to Ms. Moul during an "Infragard San Diego" meeting held on January 30, 2019.
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Future of Agent Distribution:
Sean Conrad interviewed by the Insurance Journal

A funny thing is happening on the way to the future. As consumers' and carriers' behaviors, attitudes and expectations have been changing, independent agents are evolving to better serve both customers and carriers.
Cision® Acquires TrendKite, Extending Its Leadership in Measurement & Attribution

Cision (NYSE: CISN) announced it has acquired Digital PR platform provider TrendKite. Based in Austin, Texas, TrendKite harnesses artificial intelligence and analytics to help brands understand the effect communications programs have on corporate reputation, website traffic and business outcomes.
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History Made in the US Coast Guard

"History was made yesterday in the US Coast Guard at Tuskegee! LT Ronaqua Russell received one of military aviation's top award, the Air Medal. This prestigious award is rarely earned by fixed wing aviators in the Coast Guard and LT Russell has inked her way into the archives!
Four Big Ideas From CES 2019

By Susan Akbarpour, Mavatar CEO/Co-Founder, Investor, Board Member & Blockchain Enthusiast

Every year CES showcases the cutting edge of technology and the direction of the future. This year's CES did not disappoint. We saw some of the biggest ideas in tech over the past couple of years, like augmented reality, blockchain and AI finally start to come into fruition for consumers.
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The Technology 202: Trump wants a border wall. One of his biggest supporters in tech is expanding a virtual one.

President Trump's plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is held up in a political stalemate with congressional Democrats. But one of Trump's most prominent supporters in the tech industry tells me virtual border security is already here - and rapidly expanding.
Finance Alum Sets the Bar High in Business and Life

Joe Stapleton '06 BS
Finance and Entrepreneurship

For Joe Stapleton, the secrets to success in business and life are threefold: work hard, build positive relationships and take time to recharge. By following those simple rules, this entrepreneur and money manager has built a thriving business, earned a seat on numerous boards and still makes time to unwind daily.
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Balboa Bay Club event raises $370,000 for UCI's Alzheimer's research program

Alzheimer's disease continues to make health-related news. Researchers are examining a possible link between dementia and untreated bacteria in the gums and teeth. And though that research is ongoing, what scientists and medical doctors do know is that Alzheimer's is affecting an expanding segment of the population.
TV Liquidator's Low Cost Solution to All-In-One Monument Signs

TV Liquidator is an American sign company that prides itself on helping businesses and organizations nationwide with complete signage. All-In-One Monument Signs can be very expensive and complicated to order and install. However, TV Liquidator has introduced a high quality, completely affordable, All-In-One Monument Sign with better lead times than any other sign company around.
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The UPS Store: Always evolving... welcome to our first location inside of Vons in Southern California with many more to come! Lou Penrose enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with and interview Nekter Juice Bar President/CEO and Founder Steve Schulze for the International Executive Council.
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