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IMPACT Report Thank you to all who joined us at our Digital Marketing Recoded (DMR) by IMPACT18 Conference in Las Vegas. It was an awesome event and collaboration of the best-of-the-best - in a beautiful venue, the brand new Primrose Ballroom at ARIA.

I wanted to share our official 2018 IMPACT report with all of you. This is a culmination of the top-10 marketing initiatives that every organization should be concerned about in 2019. The content was woven together by 65 thought leaders from some of the top digital firms in the world. I hope you take the time to read through our report and take away some key items that will be beneficial to you and your organization.

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Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
The Rise of Voice Search and Its Impact on Local Marketing

By Bernadette Coleman, CEO of Advice Local

The digital world is constantly changing. Updated algorithms, more advanced features, and smarter AI have marketers, local business owners and brands alike fine-tuning their online marketing strategies to compete. Now it's voice search's turn.
Case Study: Reaching Chinese Travelers Online

In a previous article, we talked about how to identify next languages for your website by looking at visitor data. Given the incredible growth of the Chinese travel market (e.g., Chinese tourist arrivals to Europe rose 65% in first half of 2017), you may be one of many companies that already has, is currently, or will soon be considering localizing your website into Chinese.
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The Path to Purchase is Long-Winded

Every shopper has experienced some version of this situation: you see a product you like in a TV show or movie, start looking for it on your phone, continue Googling for it on your computer, and finally complete the purchase at the local mall.
Announcing 2019-20 National Young Leadership Co-Chairs

We are delighted to share with you that Rachel Hoffer (Phoenix) and Adam Miller (Orange County) have been selected as the 2019-20 National Young Leadership Co-Chairs. Their term begins on July 1, 2019.
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Global Cricket Star Mahendra Singh Dhoni Selects Indi Platform for Social Media Fan Engagement

World-class cricket player Mahendra Singh Dhoni is partnering with Indi to extend and enhance relationships with his global fan base. The Indi platform will enable Dhoni's fans to become brand ambassadors for his Seven by MS Dhoni line of footwear, apparel and accessories while earning revenue on sales they generate.
Did You Hear? Ware Malcomb CEO Designs More Than Buildings

If you're looking for Ware Malcomb Chief Executive Lawrence Armstrong this weekend, you'll likely find him in Chicago, presenting his personal handiwork at a 3-D art fair. Armstrong is an accomplished artist who showcases his work at premier exhibits across the country. Starting Friday, he'll be in Booth B34 at the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) Fair.
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Xytech Celebrates Three Decades Of Steady Leadership In Dynamically Shifting Broadcast & Media Industry

Reagan, Thatcher and the Soviet Union were in the headlines. Rain Man, Die Hard and Coming to America were on the silver screen. Cable television served up just 36 channels. In media and broadcast production, editing was linear, movies were celluloid and broadcast facilities were managed by reams of paper exchanging hands by messenger and post.
New Cafe Opens for Food, Drinks, and Political Activism in the Mission

Emanuel "Manny" Yekutiel has always been busy before big elections. In 2012, he worked on Obama's reelection campaign (and later interned at the White house), and in 2016 it was the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton. But ahead of Tuesday's midterm, he's been occupied with something new: Opening Manny's, a 3,000-square-foot cafe, bar, bookstore, and civic gathering space at 3092 16th Street.
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Palmer Luckey: Silicon Valley shouldn't dictate US military policy

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey spoke about his move into creating new autonomous technology tools for the US military, and he's not sorry about the decision. He also said that if the US and its allies are to win the next war they take part in, more technology companies need to get with the program.

Speaking at Web Summit in Lisbon on Thursday, Luckey said that while he was still at Oculus he started to become concerned that the US was falling behind in critical areas.
Voicera Launches New Features To Become The Only Voice Collaboration Solution Across All Conversations

Beyond Basic Transcription: Voicera Unveils AI Phone Dialer, Voice-Activated Reminders, And Integrations To Activate Conversations In Any Environment

Voicera, maker of the Enterprise Voice Assistant EVA, unveiled a number of innovations that further separates its voice collaboration platform from transcription apps and note-taking assistants.
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Chapman War and Society Program Continues to Build Momentum

Chapman University's graduate program in War and Society studies, created in 2015, is fast becoming a national leader in teaching about U.S. foreign policy and national security issues. The program's mission is to examine how societies go to war, experience war, and deal with war's consequences.
What do some Salespeople and some Politicians have in common?

A video feature from Tod and Joyce Novak, The Novak Group.
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The Ultimate Cocktail War

At the "Ultimate Cocktail War" we raised $4,300. Bartenders that represented USC were Stephanie Argyros and Mike Salmon. Bartenders that represented UCLA were Tim DeCinces and Cory Brandt. We chose to have these two universities battle against each other because it was their rival week. Over 250 guests showed up.

The IMA's own Hall Roosevelt on a recent mountain climbing excursion
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