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At the core of IMA are the wonderful connections we build with valued clients, professional peers, thought leaders and key suppliers in an amazing array of businesses and organizations. These interactions are an invaluable source of inspiration, information and influence for all of us - whether it's through creating high-impact marketing programs or collaborating on important community service initiatives.

As we celebrate the holidays, we should all take a moment to appreciate the vibrant relationships with our professional colleagues, our families and our friends that sustain us. We wish you and yours a wonderful season of celebration.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
TBI, Cancer, Stroke, Accident Survivors and Those experiencing any Life Changing Event Now Have a Place to Go for Peer Support and Social Networking

By Bernadette Coleman, Advice Interactive Group

Where would you go for information and peer support if you or a loved one suffered a traumatic, life-changing tragedy or illness? Of course, you would speak with doctors and care givers, but they often can't explain the circumstances and prognoses in a way that we can understand.
Understanding the Increasing Threat of Nation State Cyber-attacks

By Eric Lundbohm, CMO-Lead, IMA

It's a fact that cybercrime in increasing. It has also changed direction and new dangers are suddenly knocking on the door. New forms of malware and the involvement of nation states have made the cyber world much more ominous and potentially more dangerous than ever before. Understanding the motivations of these nation states is central to defending ourselves. This paper looks at the landscape and evolution of cyber interactions between nations and examines the reasons behind past actions as well as a look into what cyber war looks like in the future.
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Thanksgiving with the Roosevelts

By Stan Szecowka, Gulf Weekly

A group of servicemen and women are set to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at the Bahrain home of the grandson of a former American president who was responsible for formally setting the date for the annual family festivities.
GM's Global Director of CX Answers 4 Questions For Digital Innovators

As global director of CX strategy and enterprise experiences at General Motors, David Mingle has spent the past four years laser-focused on transforming the customer experience.
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An Entertainer's Tips on Great Event Entertainment

By Kevin Viner

For many of my clients, entertainment is often an afterthought. A line item they slot into the budget after the venue, travel, food and beverage, production and guest speakers have been addressed. But for attendees, entertainment is also often the final segment of a meeting, the denouement of days of hard work when they finally have a chance to relax and celebrate.
Five Questions for Payers & Providers

Henry Loubet CEO of Bohemia Health, which works with early-stage and established healthcare organizations to focus on overall strategy, innovation, business development, mergers & acquisitions and relationship building.

1: So Henry, what has changed the most in California health care since the start of your career? Henry Loubet It's ever changing. If I have to pick one thing over the last 25 years of my career I would say that the biggest changes are ones with the ACA.
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