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It may be time for Halloween chills, but at the IMA we're ready to shine a light on marketing that comes alive. Don't get dragged down by dead ideas. Take heart. Here are some stories that will surely make you feel better.

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Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
Best Places to Work 2017: Evite Sets a New Standard for Employee Engagement

By Los Angeles Business Journal

Evite is the world's leading digital platform for bringing people together face-to-face. It turns out they do a great job of bringing their employees together, too. "Our people are at the heart of everything we do," said Victor Cho, Chief Executive Officer of Evite.
Cory Treffiletti: Chief Marketing Officer for Voicera

Cory Treffiletti is the Chief Marketing Officer for Voicera. Cory has pioneered digital and data-driven marketing efforts as the CMO (VP) for Oracle's Data Cloud and CMO (SVP) for BlueKai. Cory has also been a thought leader, executive and business driver in the digital media landscape since 1994 helping build successful companies such as i-Traffic, Freestyle Interactive, and Carat (Aegis).
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Tumi's CDO Answers 4 Questions For Digital Innovators

By Ernan Roman, ERDM Corp

Charlie Cole, chief digital officer of Tumi, has been overseeing and developing the luggage and travel accessory brand's global e-commerce and digital platforms since 2015.
Member Spotlight: Cari Thomas, Regional Director of United Way

Cari Thomas' passion in life has always been to serve others. From the time she was a Girl Scout, until present day, she has devoted her life to the service of others. Cari moved to the high desert in 1992 when she married her husband Vaughn.
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Magento B2B Experience

The Magento B2B Experience is an exclusive gathering of wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers looking to transform their businesses and customer relationships through digital commerce.
Uncork for Hope

By Adam Miller, Founder

Back in July a group of philanthropic minded individuals, including myself, began the process of founding the Uncork for Hope Foundation. At its core, the Foundation is a partnership with the California community.
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Reach the Inbox at Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo

By Return Path

Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo Mail have each developed unique spam filtering formulas to deliver the email their users want and protect them from malicious messages. However, these filters also end up blocking messages from legitimate marketers. On average, 20 percent of permission based email never reaches its intended destination—the inbox.
Evite Sees the Future of Digital Invitations in a Text Message

Evite, the company that invented the digital invitation space in 1998, is once again leading its growth through the launch of its newest feature: text invitations. The world's leading digital platform for bringing people together is the first major digital invitation service to incorporate SMS technology, allowing its 100+ million users to send text message invitations.
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Tilly's Life Center's 3rd Annual "I Am Giving" Gala Raised $220,000 to Benefit Its Youth-Focused Empowerment Program

Tilly's Life Center (TLC), a youth-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization held its 3rd Annual "I Am Giving" Gala hosted by Christian Ford, America's #1 Comedy Magician to benefit TLC's youth empowerment program.
#WomanUp: Rise Above The Noise

By Jeanniey Mullen, Founder, Women's Leadership Group

Recently I had the opportunity to lead a discussion with some of the most well-respected, intelligent and successful women in marketing at the IMPACT17 conference. The theme of the conference was "Rise Above the Noise," and it couldn't have been a more perfect framework for our discussion.
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