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As we close in on IMPACT17 in Las Vegas, we'd like to highlight four of our very special thought leaders. They are among an absolutely stellar line-up set for the event Sept. 28-29.

Claudio Ludovisi, Vice President and Head of Business Planning & Strategy, ABC Entertainment, Disney ABC Television Group
On empowering fans and fan engagement, with trailers for upcoming Disney ABC television shows and possibly a special augmented reality experience!

Jay Symonds, Senior Account Executive, Amazon
Moderator for our Marketing Innovations panel.

Andrea Ward, Chief Marketing Officer, Magento
On "Data-Driven Marketing: Hype vs. Reality and What's Coming Next" as businesses cope with connecting mountains of new data.

Peter Lopez, Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft
On "Dynamic Security in the Digital Age" and threats that are breeding at an exponential rate in an explosion of connected devices and people.

Don't miss the unique insights of these and other industry experts. If you haven't already, register today for IMPACT17.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
14 CEOs on the Most Valuable Job Skill Right Now

By Kristen Bahler, Time.com

There's no shortage of career advice out there and everyone from your favorite self help gurus to your least favorite in-law thinks they're an expert on the subject. Good advice - useful, nuanced, and proven - is harder to come by.
Companies That Thrive During Tough Times Share These Traits

By Ernan Roman, ERDM Corp

In the same economy and same consumer market in which thousands of retailers and brands are struggling, others are thriving and growing. Why? What drives the outcome of "something went wrong" versus "things are going great?"
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Ware Malcomb CEO Lawrence R. Armstrong Designs Post 9-11 War Memorial

Ware Malcomb, an award-winning international design firm, announced the firm's Chief Executive Officer and artist, Lawrence R. Armstrong, has designed a first-of-its-kind Post 9-11 War Memorial to honor the military service men and women who have lost their lives in the war on terror.
Evite Surpasses $3 Million in Charitable Giving Through Evite Donations

Evite, the world's leading digital platform for bringing people together, announced its Evite Donations tool has garnered over $3 million in charitable contributions since its launch in September 2015.
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700+ Keenan Employees to Conduct Fifth Annual Impact Day to Provide Hands-On Assistance to Charities

How One Company Is Making an IMPACT on Local Communities

Keenan, an industry-leading California insurance brokerage and consulting firm for health care organizations and public agencies, is taking significant strides to positively affect the communities in which it works.
Analysis of Worldwide Inbox Placement Rates

By Return Path

For email marketing, reaching the inbox is the first and biggest challenge marketers need to overcome. Unfortunately, many are struggling with this crucial step. Globally, one in five emails are missing the inbox. With 20 percent of email not reaching the inbox, marketers are missing out on not only potential revenue, but also the opportunity to build strong relationships with subscribers.
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How to Create Customer Loyalty with Millennials

By Eric Madura, Ytel

The millennial generation marks a definitive change in the way that people think. Millennials are the first generation of people to grow up in the Information Age - people who consider digital connectivity a part of life, not a luxury or a novelty. To earn loyalty from these people requires that you think like them.
New Tax Credit Opportunity for Internet Marketing

By Kate LaFosse JD, Industry Expert of Marketing and Media for alliantgroup

To be successful in digital marketing and advertising, companies use software development to create platforms, online databases and management systems. They also create digital content such as websites and custom applications.
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