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From Cayman to Vegas to IEC

The IMPACT17 Cayman event was a smashing success on all counts. Capacity attendance. Tremendous thought leadership presentations. Extraordinary dining. Gorgeous environment. Our sincere thanks to everyone involved, including host sponsor Cayman Enterprise City along with our other valued partners and sponsors.

Whether or not you were able to make the Cayman event, you won't want to miss the second major IMA event of the year. It's hard to believe that our Las Vegas conference will be in its eighth year. Our theme will be "Rising Above Noise," and we're excited to be at the luxurious new Enclave events venue this time around. For details and registration, go to www.impact17.org.

And finally, we are very pleased to announce that Tim Moran, former Editor-in-Chief of CMO.com, is now CEO of our newly created CMO100 Network. This exclusive group will bring together a select group of marketing strategists to share their insights and ensure that IMA is always at the leading edge of the latest trends and best practices.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
Justino's Coding Bootcamp Tuition

By Justino Mora

Hello! My name is Justino Mora and I'm an immigrant rights activist, co-founder of UndocuMedia, and a self-taught programmer. A few weeks ago, I was accepted into Codesmith's Full-Stack JavasScript Bootcamp: a 12-week advanced immersive coding program.
CEO Spotlight: Be a Great Leader in 2017

By Nick Newsom, CEO, Ytel

As the CEO of Ytel, taking a step back and reflecting on my leadership has always been important to me. In doing so, I find that I'm able to see clearly what my team needs more of, where Ytel is growing and flourishing, and where we need to re-focus our energy.
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SALT Technology Group, Cayman Islands

SALT Technology Group are an IT and Cloud Services Provider, based in the Cayman Islands and fueled by a passion for technology and a frustration that many companies, especially those in the Caribbean, are not leveraging technology to drive their business forward; SALT are challenging the conventions of IT provision and leading a technology revolution.
B2B Omnichannel Marketing is Finally Here

By Shari Johnston, Radius

How great would it be if we could just put a billboard in front of all your top prospects' office buildings? While that option might not be scalable, you can still get in front of your top prospects anywhere and everywhere.
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We Know Email Readers

By Allison Winkle, Return Path

The Return Path Consumer Network data provides unique insight into your actual customers like no other data set in the market. Utilizing data from nearly 2 million email users, this rich behavioral data provides insight into the way real people interact with commercial email, while providing a holistic view of inbox behaviors and consumer preferences.
Evite® Announces Partnership with Heather Dubrow

Celebrity Influencer to Host Lifestyle Video Series for Evite's 100+ Million Users

Evite, the world's leading digital platform for bringing people together, announced a partnership with celebrity influencer Heather Dubrow to launch Celebrate with Heather Dubrow, a new video series on Evite.com.
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The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

By Natalie Urquhart, Director, NGCI

Founded in 1997, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is the country's leading art museum and education centre, charged with preserving, promoting and fostering Caymanian visual culture.
Webrooming vs. Showrooming: Are You Engaging Both Types of Shoppers?

By Ernan Roman, ERDM Corp

According to Forrester, "webrooming consumers will bring in $1.8 Trillion in sales in 2017." Marketers need to understand this new type of shopper. If you are not adjusting your strategies to keep pace with this new reality, you could be setting your brand up for missed opportunities.
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