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IMPACT CAYMAN 17 is coming up fast!

This very special event is now the spring counterpart to our annual September conference in Las Vegas. And it's one you simply won't want to miss.

Under the theme of "Leadership in a Lightspeed Industry," we're again partnering with Cayman Enterprise City for a world-class opportunity to gain vital knowledge and best practices from an extraordinary roster of thought leaders.
  • JEANNIEY MULLEN, Chairwoman, IMA Women's Leadership Group
  • ALDEN MCLAUGHLIN, Premier, Cayman Islands
  • SINAN KANATSIZ, Chairman, IMA Global
  • ALEX GRAY, Chairman, IMA Canada
  • JAIME FORD, Digital Marketing Analyst, Jet.com
  • AARON HILLEGASS, CEO, Big Nerd Ranch
  • VINCENT WALDEN, Partner, Ernst & Young
  • VICTOR CHO, CEO, Evite
  • YVES LE SIEUR, Head of Digital Marketing, VDS Los Angeles
  • FAQUIRY DIAZ, Chairman, mxHero
  • BILL ELDIEN, CEO, Ketel One Vodka
  • THOMAS BARTKE, Founder, EcomConvert
All to be enjoyed in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Please join us.

For full details as well as information on registration and event partnerships, click here.


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
How to Deal Effectively With Overwhelming Situations

By Petra Neiger, ERDM Corp

Feeling overwhelmed can create a sense of panic and paralysis at the same time. When we have too much to process or deal with too quickly, it's easy to lose our ability to think clearly and act efficiently. We become stressed, numb, aloof, irritable and/or powerless. As a result, we may create unnecessary churn or avoid dealing with the situation altogether.
Analysis of Consumer Adoption and Placement Accuracy

By Return Path

Four years ago, Gmail shocked the email world with their solution to inbox overload - Gmail tabs. Gmail users welcomed this new offering with almost a 100 percent adoption rate. Email marketers - who initially feared the worst - learned that this multiple "inbox" system decreased the amount of content they had to compete with for subscriber attention.
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SpinGo and Silicon Slopes Summit - How Utah's Largest Business & Tech Conference Used the Latest Event Technology

By SpinGo

SpinGo With more than 5,000 attendees representing more than 1,700 organizations, Silicon Slopes Summit is one of the largest business & tech conferences in the Mountain West.
Adobe Summit 2017: Turn Your Business Into an Experience

Your business is going digital. To deliver great experiences for your customers - and turn your business into an experience business - you need to rethink everything, from strategy to operations. That's why we encourage you to attend Adobe Summit 2017, coming to Las Vegas March 19–23. (That's next month, folks.) You'll learn about the latest strategies and best practices in digital marketing, as well as tech innovations around content, advertising, and analytics.
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Managing Fear

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
32nd President of the United States

FDR spoke to something powerful in his first inaugural address. He didn't know the tragedy and danger that awaited him and our country in the years to come, but he was trying to point the way forward from the darkness of the Great Depression.
Don't Take It Personally, But Innovators Are Done With Personas

By Ernan Roman, ERDM Corp

"The reason personas failed to achieve true personalization is that they were too simplistic to reflect the unique attributes that differentiate individual customers and prospects from the mass of other similar customers and prospects. And that is the essence of true personalization."
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