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IMPACT16 We've spent the greater part of 8 years working with hundreds of technology innovators, digital marketers and creative inventors to piece together a world-class conference in Las Vegas, just weeks away.

If you have not already signed up - please take a moment to view www.impact16.com - the latest in Digital Marketing will be released by Facebook, InstaGram, Oracle, Radius, IBM and over 100 others in the space. Celebrities, EDM artists and a closing concert are just a few other surprises along the way.

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Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
15,000-Year-Old Marketing Strategy: Why It Works

By Don Osmond, OzComm Marketing

The advent of mass media silenced a 15,000-year-old marketing strategy when technology became the driving factor of marketing. It survived near extinction through literature, oral histories, and entertainment.
This Finnish company growing 300% per year is bidding for a big piece of the $30 billion Virtual Reality-pie

By Vilhelm Carlström, Business Insider

Growing at a rate of more than 300% a year makes the Finnish ad tech company Kiosked one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe. Founded 2010 in Helsinki, Kiosked can now be found in London, Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Shenzhen.
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Red Pantz: Stories and tools for sustainable productivity and healthy living

By Petra N., Red Pantz

Feeling overwhelmed can create a sense of panic and paralysis at the same time. When we have too much to process or deal with too quickly, it's easy to lose our ability to think clearly and act efficiently.
The Cheat Code: Be ballsy. Be you. Be unforgettable. Be a trailblazer.

By Brian Wong, CEO, Kiip

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people who seem to get ahead just a bit faster than everyone else?
Life is Beautiful Releases 2016 Lineup & Tickets are on Sale!

By Sabra Morris, Content Director, RUHM Luxury Marketing

Let's just get something out in the open right away: This is going to be another article about Millennials.
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Fine-Tuning Your Press Release for Better Results

As the media landscape grows more competitive, the way you craft and disseminate your messages both require a deft touch. The discoverability of your messages that broad outbound distribution via a service like PR Newswire provides is crucial for delivering measurable results -- including inbound web site traffic, new audiences, and earned media for your organization.
Did you know one in five emails fail to reach the inbox? Avoid the spam folder and boost your email programs deliverability

By Janine Dolan, Digital Engagement Manager, Return Path

Landing in the inbox is the first step towards building a relationship with subscribers. This year marketers have struggled to achieve that connection.
6 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Workplace Interruptions

By Petra Neiger, IMA Women's Leader

Workplace interruptions are not new. In today's world, however, there are more ways to stop somebody's thought flow than ever before. Besides the casual popping by your desk or workspace, interrupters IM, email, text and call you, almost simultaneously at times.
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Demand Gen Pro's Cookbook 2: Recipes for Success

By Anna Doctors, Marketing Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Great marketing is a lot like fine cuisine. You need to have fresh ingredients with spices in the right amounts cooked at the right heat. But you also need a top chef to coordinate the process from farm to table.
40 Under 40 2016: Elisabeth Diana
Head of global corporate communications, Facebook, 36

By PR Week Staff

As head of global corporate communications of the ubiquitous social media giant, Diana leads comms for Facebook's $18 billion advertising business and oversees its corporate communications.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas will offer a course on esports

By Mike Minotti, VentureBeat

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas announced today that it is offering its students a new course this fall on esports, the growing gaming field centered around competitive gaming players and spectators, as a part of its International Gaming Institute.
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