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This has been a magnificent year for the Internet Marketing Association and our industry a whole. Many of the top brands that power the digital marketing arena have grown in value - mainly due to the continued convergence of other mediums to digital. As advancements continue to happen, it is the IMA that has stood first in line to educate and engage our members around those advancements.

We have groups now formed around the world, from Seattle to Jakarta, a Women Leader's initiative, Merit Program and one of the world's largest conferences dedicated to the space. IMPACT15 was above all our best conference, showcasing top/end digital marketers, brands and networking professionals from around the world.

In 2016, we will be launching 4 conferences in Cayman Islands, Bahrain, Park City and of course, Las Vegas!

Thank you for your continued support, passion and time as a member of the IMA. Our best days are yet to come and we are here to serve you with any idea, challenge or opportunity you have for us.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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Internet Marketing Association to launch

2016 is stacking up to be another big year for the IMA. We are excited to introduce in the coming months, a platform for professors and educators to gather that are members of IMA.
The Most Fundamental Resource of the Sharing Economy

By Petra Neiger, Marketing Advisor and Founder of Red Pantz

The entrepreneurial landscape is filled with companies looking to transform the way we create, distribute and consume goods and services.
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Get to Know Return Path

By Holly Enneking, Sr. Manager, Marketing, Return Path

Return Path is the world's leading provider of email data powered solutions. Our products and solutions provide the insight companies need to build closer connections with their customers, defend their brand against threats, and make confident, forward-looking business decisions.
3 Visual Commerce Predictions for 2016

By Matthew Langie, Chief Marketing Officer, Curalate

Consumer shopping behaviors have changed significantly in just a year. Today, billions of images are shared daily across a growing number of consumer touch points.
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SEO Audits Key to Hitting Localization Home Run

By Colt Foutz, Director of Digital Content Optimization, TransPerfect

"If you build it, they will come." This advice, dispensed by a supernatural Shoeless Joe Jackson in the classic flick Field of Dreams, may have been golden for attracting beyond-the-grave baseball outcasts-not to mention fathers-to a healing reunion in the Iowa cornfields.
Predictive Analytics: Go Beyond Lead Scoring

By Shari Johnston, VP of Demand Generation, Radius

Predictive analytics is considered synonymous with lead scoring. Many products alleviate the problem of low lead quality by applying business signals to a company's CRM data to filter out the high quality leads from what is otherwise noise.
Marketing Leaders Predict: Will 2016 Be The Year Of Creativity?

By Gayle Kesten, Managing Editor, asked an intriguing question for marketing leaders: "How will you bring more creativity and daring to your marketing in 2016?" The added twist? Answers had to be 144 characters or less.
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GE Revives Show Dormant Since 1962: What GE's New Venture Reveals About the Future of Marketing

By Dominick Sirianni, VP of Interactive Education, Internet Marketing Association
Part 1 of 6

General Electric Theater is back.

The show, hosted by then-actor Ronald Reagan, has been off the air for over 50 years. This time, it's not television that GE is pushing mainstream... it's podcasting.
Hollywood: say hello to your customers*... & thank you to new technologies

By Claudio Ludovisi, CMO & Principal, Ludovisi Brand Ventures

noun, | cus*tom*er | 'kəs-tə-mər: one that purchases a commodity or service

For decades, word "customer" in Hollywood hasn't been used very much and, as a result, neither has "Customer Relationship Management."
Cayman Enterprise City Gets Planned Area Development Approved for New George Town Campus

By Hilary Cahill, VP of Marketing, Cayman Enterprise City

Special Economic Zone project will be a showcase of green building and sustainability.

With zoning approval from the Central Planning Authority on its land use, Cayman Enterprise City is moving ahead with plans to begin construction of its permanent campus in Greater George Town area.
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