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Welcome to the June installment of the Internet Marketing Association's monthly newsletter.

June was a busy month as the IMA continued to extend its reach through the successful launch of our first Canadian group in downtown Toronto on June 18th. Among the attendees was John Stix, President of Fibernetics who delivered a captivating keynote about "Humanizing the Works Space." Also in attendance was David Allen, Sales Director for Private Air who partnered with Canada IMA and helped make the event so successful. Uber Canada as well as gave promotions, and members of Marketing Magazine were also present at the event. It was the perfect launch for future events as Alex Gray, Chairman of the Canadian Regional IMA Group, opens this chapter of the IMA.

Next month will see the launch of not one, but two IMA regional groups: the Lonestar IMA will launch in Downtown Austin, TX on July 23; then the Midwest group chaired by Christoph Trappe will launch on July 30 at Google's Headquarters in beautiful Downtown Chicago. Many more to come; the march is on.

Our flagship event, IMPACT15 is now just about 3 months away. Make sure to check the growing list of world class speakers lining up for the event, and If you haven't already, register here. We expect the event to sell out fast.

Happy readings.


Patrick Boulard
COO and Head of IMA Research Lab
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