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We are less than a month and a half away from our first exclusive international event in 2015, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with top thought-leaders and marketing executives in a picture perfect setting in Grand Cayman on April 9, 2015. This should provide a great relief opportunity to our members and partners from the Midwest and Northeast currently plagued by sub-zero temperatures.

See below for details and register here.

Our monthly IMA Research Lab survey focused on audience targeting practices and the use (or lack thereof) of predictive analytics in refining target audiences.

You can find the results here.

Please contact me directly via email with any suggestions for future research and survey topics.

There are many other good reads in this newsletter, all reflective of current trends and topics pertinent to us all. Happy readings.


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COO and Head of IMA Research Lab
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IMA Leadership Gathering in Cayman Islands
By Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman IMA

The IMA will host its first official 2015 International Leadership Gathering at beautiful Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands on Thursday April 9, 2015. The IMA working together with Cayman Enterprise City has pieced together our next International Experience, following our memorable past events in Dublin and Singapore.
Success in Your First 90 days as a CMO
By Jeff Marcoux, CMO Lead, Worldwide Enterprise Marketing Microsoft

The first 90 days in any role are critical for success, so having a strong plan of action from the start is key. This is especially true for new CMOs, who are under increasing pressure to quantify their impact and show how they will leave their mark on the business going forward.
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The Internet of Me: How Wearable Tech is Changing IoT
By The Emerging Technologies Working Group at The Application Developers Alliance

With more than 35 million connected wearable devices in use by the end of 2014, developers are on the cusp of a technological point-of-no-return, and opportunities for innovation are riper than ever. As the connected world spills over into an ever-connected personal lifestyle, the "Internet of Me" will continue to evolve at a rapid pace.
The LA Kings use Adobe Campaign to increase their ROI
By Adobe Campaign and The LA Kings

Adobe Campaign plays a key role in the LA Kings' marketing playbook. In a new Adobe video, see how Aaron LeValley, senior director of digital strategy and analytics for the LA Kings, uses Adobe Campaign and Adobe Marketing Cloud to create winning results with personalized messaging.
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Loving Your Job
By Erika Weinstein, CEO and Founder at eTeam Executive Search

I don't relish the task of writing. I know, that's a strange way to start, but allow me to explain. I love to come up with innovative ideas, work on business development and maintaining relationships gets me energized... but writing is not something that comes easy.
Audience Targeting and Predictive Analytics
By Patrick Boulard, COO and Head of the IMA Research Lab, IMA

In keeping with recent themes of Big Data and Analytics, content relevance and others, we felt it would be appropriate to survey our members on whether or not they were actively segmenting their markets and targeting their audiences.
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The Ultimate Checklist For AdWords Success
By Frederick Vallaeys, CEO Optmyzr

Being in the spotlight of the digital marketing arena has afforded Frederick Vallaeys thousands of spectators when he's ready to 'talk shop'. This was affirmed with his recent post on Search Engine Land, The Secret to AdWords Told by a Former Googler' showcasing a checklist for managing AdWords called ORCA TM, which was shared online over 2,100 times.
Think Outside the Screen: 7 Tips for Using Experiential Marketing as a Digital Weapon
By Jeff Lew, Marketing Manager, Spingo

Experiential marketing isn't new, but with social media and technology driving shares and views online, it has earned a lot of attention over the recent years. And it's more than just flash mobs and prankvertising. Experiential marketing is an opportunity for your audience to see, interact, or feel your messaging in a physical space.
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The Power of Experiential: The Modern Event is the New Normal
By Scott Kellner, Vice President of Marketing at George P. Johnson (GPJ)

A well-lived life isn't about what you buy/own, it's about the experiences you have. Creating great experiences that build emotional bonds for clients and accelerate ROI is not only achievable, it's essential in today's marketing landscape.
The Chief Marketing Technologist: Luxury Or Necessity?
By Stephanie Overby, Contributing Writer

Three years ago, Gartner made headlines projecting that the CMO would outspend the CIO on technology by 2017. So far there has been little reason to doubt that bold prediction will come to pass.
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Programmatic: Why Brand Marketers Should Flock To It
By Jeanniey Mullen, Award winning CMO and Wearables Addict, Leading Marketing and Acquisition at NOOK by Barnes & Noble

Programmatic technology can be used for more than just media buying. It also allows marketers to test in a whole new way. If you type the word "programmatic" into Google you will see more than 10 million results.
How a Cold Email Can Land You Funding
By Brian Wong, CEO, Kiip

Someone once told me, "If you ask for money, you get advice. If you ask for advice, you get money." Those words changed the entire course of my career. They helped me launch my startup Kiip, acquire several rounds of funding, and learn from the brightest in the industry.
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