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Simple Science-Based Hints to Boost the Effectiveness of your Marketing
By Jeff Marcoux (@jeffmarcoux), CMO Lead, Worldwide Enterprise Marketing, Microsoft

What kind of information stays with a person best over time? Does the ordering of information have anything to do with retention, and therefore content marketing effectiveness?
Listen to This Tomorrowish
By Dominick Sirianni, Vice President Interactive Education & Thought Leadership, Internet Marketing Association

Learn how to fuel your content marketing engine yourself or using experts. Hear the latest in the growing link between TV watching and social media. Listen to the latest IMA Leader podcast.
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How IMA members use (Big) Data in Making Business Decisions
By Patrick Boulard, COO and Head of IMA Research Lab, Internet Marketing Association

In response to our membership survey prior to IMPACT14, IMA members expressed concern about their ability to "leverage data" in productive ways in 2015. We follow up on that topic in our subsequent survey, and sought to clarify why and how IMA members use data in making decision making.
Pier 1 Imports uses Machine Learning to Stay a Step Ahead
By Jeff Marcoux (@jeffmarcoux), CMO Lead, Worldwide Enterprise Marketing, Microsoft

With the holiday season bearing down on us, big data is poised to play a bigger role than ever in helping retailers gain an advantage. When customers go to a Pier 1 Imports store, they know what to expect: an interesting assortment of décor and furnishing items, seasonal merchandise, gifts and other unique items.
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The Power of Experience Marketing
By Paolo Zeppa, Senior Vice President Strategy & Planning, George P. Johnson

Experience marketing is about building a personalized connection between your brand and your customers and prospects. Where event marketing may be limited to the transfer of information and lead capture, experience marketing is an ongoing strategic and social-based engagement with your attendees.
From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular Web sites every year since 1996
By Philip Bump, Reporter - New York, The Washington Post

Our goal is not to confuse or alarm you, but we must, as agents of the news media, speak the truth. And so we say, with all due solemnity, that if it were 16 years ago, you would right now be reading this article at
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