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First, as Chairman of the IMA, and on behalf of our Board and International Executive Council, I would like to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members and partners in the United States and throughout the world who celebrate this great tradition.

This month was filled with speaking opportunities: I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Jim Doti at Chapman University to discuss "Effective Methods of Public Speaking"; I then had the distinct honor of being invited by KPMG to speak about "Digital Responsibility" at the 2014 (ISACA) Information Systems Audit and Control Association conference in Las Vegas, and reviewing how social media, wearable technology and other nodes provide gateways to security vulnerabilities. Finally, I joined Tomo Mizutani, CEO of Toyo and Nitto Tires for a speech on "Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing" at Pepperdine University.

During our own IMPACT14 conference last September, one of the big topics of discussion was the continuing rise of data and data analysis as a critical element in business and marketing specifically. The IMA Research Lab is developing its next white paper on this topic to help clarify what IMA members and partners are doing about data and the use of data in making business decisions. If you didn't already, please take a brief moment to fill out our short survey here.

Finally, our IMA webinars and podcasts continue to make headlines: as of this email, we have rocketed past 1,000 downloads of our podcasts, and our show is currently topping both the Business and Education segments in iTunes. Please make sure to subscribe on iTunes or Android and watch our webinar series at


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Kiip CEO Brian Wong Latest Guest on IMA Podcast

Brian Wong tops Forbes' List of 30 Under 30 in Marketing and is the co-founder and CEO of Kiip. Brian recently sat down with us to discuss his start in the tech industry, his philosophy on fundraising and offer advice for entrepreneurs and marketers.
Kiip Looks Beyond Mobile Ads, Lands Strategic Funding From Verizon Ventures And Michael Lazerow
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Kiip bills itself as "mobile advertising people like," but now it's trying to apply that model outside of advertising itself.
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Marketing Intelligence Advice From Radius CEO, Darian Shirazi
By Dominick Sirianni, Vice President Interactive Education & Thought Leadership, Internet Marketing Association

At, Radius CEO Darian Shirazi recently completed a presentation helping IMA members learn to use data to improve decision making. This is a hurdle many attendees at #Impact14 identified as an area of opportunity. Chairman and Co-Founder Rob Friedman Named Internet Person of the Year by Internet Marketing Association
By Katherine Lambert and Kent Barrett, The Hoyt Organization

Rob Friedman, chairman and co-founder of, LLC, the nation's leading online real estate marketplace, was named Internet Person of the Year by the Internet Marketing Association.
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To Create a Winning How-to Video, Find a Niche and Convey Expertise
By Bill Vreeland, Sr. Director of Business Development, EUXmedia

According to a report from eMarketer, views of branded video ads approached 3 billion in the second quarter of 2014. Another study from Levels Beyond indicates that even this number is falling short of consumer demand.
How to Avoid Hiring an Empty Suit
By Erika Weinstein, CEO and Founder, eTeam Executive Search

Fall is here, Halloween is just behind us and I was reflecting on what people dressed up as this year. What was the latest and greatest costume? I know one costume you wouldn't have caught me in and that's the invisible woman wearing an empty suit.
Look Out, Google: Yahoo Is Becoming a Search Engine Again
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My headline here is slightly tongue-in-cheek. Google, whose pre-eminence among search engines is well-established, will probably not lose much sleep over Yahoo's re-emergence in the search game.
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