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Welcome to the November 2013 issue of the IMA Newsletter. Coming off the heels of our annual IMPACT13 conference in Las Vegas less than 60 days ago, members are now looking to apply what they learned into the next year. Hitting the ground running into 2014 will be critical to most, as the pace of change and the impact marketing must demonstrate on driving sustainable growth for the business has become absolutely paramount.

To effectively do this the modern marketer must build relevance and resonance with target customers, whether B2C, or B2B. It's about trust and authentic engagement with your audience; using a continuous 2-way conversation to better know your customers and deliver more tailored messages and content at every corner. We must become not just experts in digital marketing, but evolve into true modern marketing professionals in the digital age - where it's part of our marketing DNA and embedded into everything that we do.

Save these important dates in your calendar for 2014!
  • Singapore: June 5-6, 2014
  • Washington D.C.: April 22-24, 2014
  • IMPACT14: September 24-26, 2014
Don't forget to visit our new website at

Also, in early December, I have the honor of welcoming Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada to Orange County for an IMA sponsored event on emerging technology, government and innovation. If you are interested in this exclusive event, please reply back to this email.


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Storytelling with just a Smartphone
By Christoph Trappe, VP of Communications, United Way

A smartphone is one of the most accessible tools nowadays and it can help us document stories that are worth sharing with our networks or audiences. Fifty-six percent of Americans carry one - a number that's likely to increase.
The Evolution of Search
DOT Report
Publication by IMA

Internet marketing and Digital Marketing in general are constantly evolving fields, as marketers on the web we are in tow with the changes that Google makes to its algorithm. The latest of the changes is the newly released Hummingbird algorithm.
Career Opportunity Board
Employer: Nativo
Job Description Account Coordinator

As an Account Coordinator at Nativo, you will provide full support to the Business Development and Sales teams and work as part of that team to achieve the overall targets set.
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