Internet Marketing Association December 2012

Looking back over 2012, we can't help but feel exhilaration at the tremendous strides IMA has taken. And we hope you share that excitement as well. With your involvement and participation, IMA attained several major milestones in its evolution as the preeminent professional organization for Internet marketing professionals around the world.

Among those accomplishments were:
  • Establishment of a highly distinguished International Executive Council
  • Development of the IMA Certified Internet Marketer education and certification program
  • Creation of the three-day IMA 2012 Conference and Impact Awards event
But that was just 2012. We've set our sites on 2013 and another year of innovation to bring maximum value to IMA members for business growth as well as personal development. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for programs and resources you would like to see IMA develop in the coming year.
IMA 2012 Conference Wrap UP
IMA 2012 Conference Wrap UP and Post Conference Feedback

The IMA 2012 Conference and Awards event was a great success, but we are always striving to make our conferences better for our attendees and sponsors. To that end, we sent out a customized online survey to collect feedback after the conference. We received both high praise and some constructive criticism on how to further enhance the experience.
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Certified Internet Marketer
Certified Internet Marketer (CIM)
Offers Unique Credential

Six Modules Cover All the Bases

The IMA Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) professional certification program provides participants with the foundational Internet marketing education needed to succeed in today's fast-changing online business environment.
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Web Content Management
Past, Present and Future
of Web Content Management

Source: Adobe Marketing Cloud

As web content management (WCM) represents a link between the fast evolving web technology space and the need for large organizations to leverage the web as a communication channel, WCM operates at the junction of very high tension.
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Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging Can Help
Grow Your Presence Online

DOT Report: Internet Marketing Association

Guest blog posting has become very popular and is one of the most effective strategies for increasing your blog readership. Guest posting means simply writing or publishing articles on someone else's blog or website.
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Key Contacts

Tyler Holliday
Executive Director
Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman & Founder
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