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The 2011 IMA Awards event held last September at CityCenter in Las Vegas was a landmark event for our industry. And it was a smashing success.

This year, we're raising the bar higher yet, to make the 2012 event even more memorable and valuable!

Expanded to two days, again in the breathtaking environment of CityCenter, attendees will experience distinguished keynote speakers on vital Internet marketing topics, a series of breakout sessions presented by leading experts, exciting evening entertainment, and the IMA Awards dinner with after-party.

It will be an unparalleled opportunity to assemble with industry visionaries and your professional peers who share a passion for Internet marketing and a drive to be influential players in this endeavor that touches people's personal and business lives every day.

Stay tuned for further details!


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SOPA and PIPA: What Went Wrong?

For Internet activists, last week's Web protests against two controversial copyright enforcement bills were a huge victory against three powerful and well-funded trade groups that pushed hard for passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act.

By the time the week was over, dozens of lawmakers had abandoned the two bills or voiced opposition, and a cloture vote on PIPA scheduled for this Tuesday in the Senate was delayed as lawmakers try to find a compromise. In the House, Representative Lamar Smith, the lead SOPA sponsor and Texas Republican, killed his bill.

For one of the first times, Web-based activism had a major impact on the U.S. congressional process. On Thursday, a day after the protests, former Senator Chris Dodd, now chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, groused to the New York Times that the protests had changed Washington, D.C., with Web companies able to influence debate without regulation or fact-checking.

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A World-Class Digital Marketing and Advertising Event
Adobe Summit

The Digital Marketing Summit is the premier event for digital marketers and advertisers to learn about and share key strategies for driving marketing innovation. Attend Summit to learn how you can create, measure, and optimize digital experiences to revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information.

What you will learn

With the explosion in social, video, and mobile content, as well as the continuing increase of ad dollars shifting online, today's marketers are faced with the tremendous challenge of harnessing digital content to engage and acquire customers, as well as how to monetize and measure success - including ROI in the social-media channel.

At the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2012, you will learn how to create, measure, and optimize digital experiences to revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information. Discuss topics such as web analytics, optimizing site conversion, audience and advertising optimization, web experience management, and optimizing multi-channels and new media. Summit offers valuable topics and information for the web analytics beginner to the online optimization expert. Time invested at Summit will pay dividends that will allow you to immediately develop and grow your career or business through digital marketing.

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Marketers Follow Users to More Social Sites

Marketing efforts spreading beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Social media sites beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are seeing significant boosts in usage, both in the US and elsewhere in the world. And where users go, marketers will follow.

Research from social marketing software firm Awareness Inc. indicates US marketers plan to do just that this year. The December 2011 survey found that the leading area for new social media marketing investments in 2012 would be increasing marketer presence across platforms, cited by 70% of respondents.

For some marketers, that will mean a new presence on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. While the vast majority of US marketers already use these sites for marketing, some laggards plan to join them there this year.

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