500,000 Members Reached

We are excited to announce that IMA has reached over 500,000 members this month. IMA is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing groups in the world. It is underwritten by corporate partners to provide members an opportunity to learn, engage and define Internet marketing best practices without making a financial commitment.

We take pride in developing relationships with our members and providing them with the resources necessary for success. The members of IMA are dedicated to building a voice and creating standards for Internet marketing on a global basis. Members are encouraged to offer their input on topics related to the field and the practice of Internet marketing for the benefit of themselves, their peers and the industry.

The IMA mission is to provide a knowledge-sharing platform for business professionals where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared in an effort to increase each member's value to their organization.

Stay tuned for details on the 2012 IMA Awards. We're already planning to raise the bar even higher!


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Identifying the Most Profitable Paths on Your Website
Online Webinar, Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Effective Internet marketing requires effective measurement. What are your most profitable web links and navigation paths? Are you optimizing your web pages to increase the flow of traffic through these paths? By improving your path analysis, you will improve your website navigation to help your visitors better reach their goals. Join our webinar and learn how analytics can effectively identify the most profitable paths through a website.

Click here to register.
Langie of Adobe Systems Joins IMA Executive Council
Brings Deep Tech Expertise and Experience

IMA welcomes Matthew Langie to the organization's Executive Council. Langie currently serves as Director of Product Marketing for Adobe Systems. In addition to providing his general expertise as a longstanding leader in the technology sector, Langie will help IMA develop significant enhancements to its professional certification program. He recently wrote the curriculum for the graduate student Internet marketing program at the University of California, Irvine.

Langie is Director Emeritus of the Web Analytics Association and is a recognized thought leader in the online analytics and digital marketing industry. He is a highly sought after speaker at digital marketing conferences, trade shows and other industry events focused on innovation in new and emerging digital channels, such as social media, mobile, and online video.

At Adobe Systems, Langie is responsible for marketing the company's industry-leading digital marketing solutions, generating over a half-billion dollars in revenue. His responsibilities span go-to-market strategy, messaging and positioning, pricing and packaging, sales enablement, competitive intelligence and product evangelism. Langie also has extensive experience in software and technology marketing with several other highly successful companies.
eMarketer: Holiday Ecommerce Sales Are Looking Up
Online Buying Is Bright Spot for Seasonal Retail

Consumers are expected to hold back on holiday spending this year because of rising food, gas and utility prices, as well as concerns about the economy. Several pre-holiday surveys confirmed shoppers' intentions to spend either the same or less on purchases during the 2011 holiday vs. last year.

But the promise of convenience and cost savings online will bring more consumers than ever to shop on the web for the holidays, spending a greater share of their gift budget there when they do. eMarketer estimates that U.S. retail ecommerce holiday-season sales, which include all retail ecommerce sales during November and December, will rise 16.8% this year to $46.7 billion.

"This marks three years of strong online holiday sales and demonstrates the web's ability to help consumers achieve their holiday gift buying goals in a weak economy," said Jeffrey Grau, eMarketer principal analyst and author of the new report, "Online Holiday Sales Forecast: Savings and Convenience Will Drive Strong Growth." "Strong online holiday spending, in turn, will boost ecommerce sales to $195 billion for the year, up 16.5% over 2010."

As a result of strong growth, ecommerce's share of total retail sales is gradually increasing, with the biggest gains taking place during the holiday season. Overall retail sales growth during the holiday season is expected to be lackluster compared to ecommerce: firms range between 2.5% and 3.5% in their growth estimates for total holiday retail sales this year.

"Ecommerce is not immune to economic downturns, but it is more insulated than the overall retail industry," said Grau. "Price-sensitive consumers view online shopping as a way to find better prices and reduce gas expenses. Many of them plan to increase their holiday purchases online. But even shoppers who intend to buy in-store after doing online research may ultimately purchase from retail sites that offer better deals."
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