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As industries shift away from traditional mass media and place a greater focus on more targeted and measurable means for gaining new customers, companies must redefine their business goals and apply online strategies designed to achieve them. Join our webinar as we discuss a number of key internet marketing investments such as online analytics, site optimization & personalization, social media, mobile, and online advertising.

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Cyberbullying - A Deadly Epidemic
John Stephens, Senior Vice President, Keenan

What do Ryan, Megan, Seth, Phoebe and Tyler have in common? These are teenagers who committed suicide due to cyber-bullying. These deaths have put the spotlight on the growing problem of cyberbullying and sparked more calls for tougher action. This issue has received so much attention that President Barack Obama held a White House conference on bullying earlier this month and subsequently launched StopBullying.gov, a website to help prevent and stop bullying.

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Marketing on Search Engines - Organic or Pay-per-click?
Tim Callen, Managing Partner, RBT Agency
Steve Kinney, President, Search Optimizers
April 7, 2011

By now, most marketers realize the value of search engines as an avenue for promotion and acquiring leads. The more savvy marketers have come to embrace the fact that search engines can one of the best promotional and lead-gathering tools in your arsenal - offering an extremely cost-effective means to achieve your goals. In many cases, search engine marketing has replaced all other means of promotion as the premiere strategy.

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Sharing Content to Show Thought Leadership
eMarketer.com, April 8, 2011

Creating, finding and sharing compelling content can prove to consumers that a company knows its territory, is a thought leader in its industry and wants to help customers keep up-to-date on important developments. Marketers are placing an ever-greater emphasis on content marketing's ability to add value for targets and prospects.

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