IMA Launches New, Member-Driven Website

The Internet Marketing Association has redesigned its website as a vital communications tool delivering standards, visions and global awareness to 335,000 members in over 14 countries. This decision resulted in an improved interface which offers a fresh new look, improved navigation, easier accessibility and expanded content with daily industry-specific news and information. We welcome your feedback and look forward to your visit:

And if you like the look of our new website, let us know by clicking "like" at the bottom of our new homepage.

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2010 Inaugural Internet Marketing Association Awards Winners Announced
The inaugural Internet Marketing Awards, held at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, honored the best Internet Marketers from a pool of hundreds of nominations. IBM, NASCAR, Keenan and Juice It Up were among the winners.
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IMA Partners with UCI Extension Internet Marketing Program
The Internet Marketing program at the University of California, Irvine Extension is designed to provide comprehensive examination of tactics and strategies across social media, mobile marketing, online analytics, and search engine marketing aimed at fully leveraging the Internet for achieving business goals such as acquiring, converting, and retaining online customers. Our partnership is a great benefit for IMA as well as UCI, with each organization serving as a sounding board to the other.
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2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical
This year, marketers will need to rethink their approach to advertising and marketing and intensify their focus on creating magnetic content that will naturally attract consumers, rather than relying solely on the interruption model of advertising, which consumers are responding to less and less.
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